We service and sell Appion Recovery Machines (click to see a new page on our site for Appion).  We are a long-time industry repair center.  Ice-Kold, LLC services and sells recovery equipment for a wide range of vendors, and has for many decades.

We’re proud to be partnered with the recovery unit industry leader, Appion, Inc.  Ice-Kold is a factory-authorized service center.

For Appion Recovery Machines Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Service click here.

G5Twin Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Ultra-Fast, High Volume Refrigerant Recovery      Picture of Appion-Recovery-Machines - G5Twin

The Appion G5Twin is the smallest and lightest recovery machine capable of handling the tough demands of industrial/commercial refrigerant recovery – no job is too big for this little beast.

The Appion industry-leading G5Twin is the smallest and lightest recovery machine capable of handling the tough demands of industrial/commercial refrigerant recovery – no job too big for this little beast.  Designed for use with all common refrigerants, including R410A, the G5 Twin pumps liquid and vapor without throttling. Featuring twin cylinders, twin condensers, refrigerant-isolated crankcase and a turbine fan blasting 600cfm of airflow for cool, durable, powerful operation.

G1Single Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Simple, Economical Refrigerant Recovery   Picture of Appion Recovery Machines,G1Single

The simple, robust single cylinder design of the Appion G1 makes it the most reliable single cylinder recovery machine ever made.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 22 lbs.
  • Refrigerant-Isolated Crankcase, eliminating bearing contamination
  • Pumps R410A liquid and Vapor
  • 7-inch, 10-blade turbine fan blasting 600 cfm of cooling air
  • Time-saving design: no throttling and no purge cycle required


Appion Recovery Machines – Service


Download and print our E-Z Ship Form. Please complete and ship this form with your machine.


When sending recovery equipment in for O/W repairs, Complete our E-Z Ship form, print and send with your repair. Please include on your P.O.


A copy of the customer’s invoice showing the purchase must accompany the above-mentioned P.O. A warranty repair does not extend the units original warranty.


We will fax you a written estimate for your repair cost, before repairs are done.
Payment by Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discovery, UPS COD, and pre-pay by check. Credit accounts for wholesalers available.


Please call us or contact us with any questions or for recommendations.

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  1. Hi, Keith, I think the G1Single Refrigerant Recovery Machine is one of the best for the process of Refrigerant recovery. This makes the recovery process perfect as well as low cost with some great benefits. I Always follow the steps that you have maintained. It’s a fine job, but it’s not difficult if you have the equipment. You need to be especially careful. Some things need to be taken care of. Then I can recover my refrigerant. Thanks

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